Days on the Farm: Part One

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There is always so much activity going on at the farm, I hope to capture a glimpse of it here for you to see!

The little nuts (Olivia calls the baby a little nut, which is pretty accurate at this point) can watch for long periods of time out the expansive front windows at all the tractors, trucks, etc. busy at work! Peyton now distinguishes between a swather, combine, excavator, and so forth!:)

The most recent undertaking at the farm was spreading sawdust on about 25 acres of the blueberries. Sawdust helps to keep the plants cool, preserve moisture, keep weeds down, and creates an overall mulching affect that is good for the plants. It also looks really sharp! The little nuts watched as the excavator loaded sawdust into two spreaders pulled by tractors to spread on the blueberry rows. The guys had quite a time getting this done with the very wet/cold spring we have had. It is really May? We are experiencing wind storms, hail, thunderstorms and heavy precipitation!
The crops are late due to the weather. Look at how green the crimson is (you can see just a little hint of color in the field).

One of the many things we enjoy is going for walks on the country roads! We went for our first walk in weeks due to the inclement weather and lack of exercise in my first trimester.

There is so much to observe, enjoy, and learn on our walks!

Olivia helps to pick up garbage and pop cans while Peyton alerts us as to where the garbage is!

We could get done faster if they stayed in the stroller (and sometimes we do have to hurry), but I love for them to get exercise and to take the time to delight in nature. We have walking goals (Olivia has to walk to the "yellow sign"), I want them to know the pain that is endurance and the joy of their sweet success! She does really well!

We see deer, nutria, fish, ducks, bullfrogs, and lots of birds!


Another thing we love about the country and farm life? Fresh eggs! Our neighbors (my dad's cousin) raise eggs that we get to enjoy! The kids get a total kick out of the chickens too!

The chicks from our pregnancy announcement are "teenagers" now and Peyton tries so hard to catch them.:)

Peyton usually calls out, "Hi Boys!" as we pass Hadiah and Jock on the way home.

Home... more beauty! Daddy takes such good care of the grass and everything!


  1. Ah! I want to come out more! I need to figure a way to take Marcus and Evelette out at the same time! Lonely for you guys! Stinkin cute post Rach! Great job.

  2. Such an experience for the kids. Wonderful! Envious! Oh, and there's Hadiah... Amy misses her riding lessons. Beautiful farm. Beautiful family.


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