Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun Day

Monday was purely fun for us. One fun outing after another. We started out in the morning with a visit to the Fire Station. Olivia's wish come true!

They were given a very thorough tour by the kind, and patient Ben T. He took the time to explain how everything worked and conveyed it in a way that their little minds could understand. What a blessing! Thank you Ben! We went from this fun outing to a birthday lunch for Jerushah and I (both May birthdays). My dear sister-in-law, Amy put this on and I brought my camera and forgot to take pictures! The table setting was beautiful. The food divine. The company so sweet. She even had bubble wands for the kids to play with and a special table set for them. Thank you, thank you, Amy and K'lyn! I was overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity!

Finally, in the evening we enjoyed the most delicious Korean food cooked by my Aunt Holly! I told you it was a fun day!:) She came down for a quick visit to cook for everyone! She whipped up some kimbap for me in about 15 seconds (with what ingredients she had left) as the first batch had already been eaten by the time we got there! The guys just hovered around the barbecue, eating the bulgogi as it became ready. The food is that good. She made two big batches of kimchi too! If I could pick only one food to eat, it would be Korean food! Thank you Aunt Holly!

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