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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've snapped pictures over the last few weeks, but rather than wait for time to make sense of them, I'm just going to heap pictures on you.  Get ready to be buried! :) 
The kids came down with colds after the prayer week at church, so we got creative with indoor amusement.  Olivia and I pushed Peyton back and forth in his Tonka truck.
Which turned into Peyton and Olivia pushing Rose back and forth.  Good times!
Julia is as cute and sweet as ever.  She has discovered her voice and is more interactive all the time.
She is sleeping 11-12 hours at night (beside the times she's been congested) and really settling into her routine.  I love her round bald head, precious expressions, and smile.
In an attempt to get more organized, I embroidered bags for the kids for the diaper bag.  I've had these bags (sheets sets came in them) for a while, and it was fun to finally put them to use.
I'm pretty excited about them (you know me and labels).  Save your cloth bags for me!  I'm already dreaming about what else I could use them for. 
Peyton's bag holds a change of clothes, book, snack, and cars.
We celebrated Grandpa's (David's dad) birthday at our house.
Amidst the celebrating, we took 'diaper pictures' with cousin, Caedmon.  He is a dolly!
Aren't they so cute together?  Julia is three weeks older than her cuz. 
The weather cooperated a couple times for a walk.  We haven't walked in ages due to weather and illness and we were out of shape! 
We barely made it up the hill.
The frogs were back after a long winter and we loved seeing the ducks and a blue heron (he is taking off in the picture below).
See the yellow bags in the background?  Someone actually picked up garbage due to our heedlessness!
Speaking of getting outside, check out this article!  I've thought for some time that kids should be around as much barn dust, and pollen as possible, so I thought this article was great.  Get your germs! 
I like to share pictures with recipes, so if you haven't tried Sarah's wedding soup, here is a picture of its' yumminess.  I used a pound of ground elk and a pound of Italian sausage this time (less spicy for the little nuts), and it turned out great.
 Yikes, I better be off.  Good night from the sleepy girl below and myself! 
 Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. 


  1. I LOVE this heap of pictures! It has all of my favorites in one place! Julia is such a dolly and the pics of her and Caedmon are priceless! I love how mischievous Peyton looks in the first shot. And Olivia looks alot like you in that picture! So much fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Rachel,

    Thank you so much for the pictures of the little nuts. You can never post too many photos for me. THe twinkle in Peyton's eye while he rides in the truck looks like his Daddy. Julia is a little doll baby. You are such a creative Mommy. Makes me smile.

  3. I love all the pictures! I can't believe Julia is already so big and I haven't seen her yet - it makes me sad! :(


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