Thursday, March 31, 2011

It is very late, but I fell asleep shortly after small group tonight, woke up a couple hours later, and was wide awake.  I am hoping to get sleepy very quickly while typing this. :)

I am slow on turnaround time these days on the blog, but not for a lack of caring or interest.  I want to report on everything from: what it has been like being a mother to three to farm updates to immunizations to books we've read to decorating, ETC., but I am trying to pace myself!  Yes, pace myself!:)  I know I am late,  but I want to document our St. Patty's day with pictures, so we can look back next year and smile.
We have always celebrated the 'green holiday'.  Patty H. invited us over for green breakfast growing up (it was so fun to eat out for breakfast before school), and green breakfast is still a tradition.  This year, I made green pancakes for the little nuts using powdered kelp, they didn't even balk at the unusual taste. :) 
Our St. Patty's Day this year...
Green dinner at the farm:
Our little shamrock
Nana's creation for children's church:
All kinds of yummy, green food!
We finished up the holiday with a visit to Mamo (David's grandma).  She treated us to homemade brownies and lots of baby love.
Now for a few random pictures...
We invited Grampy in for lunch one day and had to take their picture with their matching denim and blue eyes...
Potty-training is going.  We have good days and bad, but more and more good days!  Praise God! 
Way to go, Buddy!
Olivia & Paytay's favorite toys right now are these little horses, and I don't even recall where they came from.  They make up all kinds of stories with them, and play with them all over the house.  I am itching to put a few animals in their Easter baskets from Coastal!
I finally got around to creating a little playroom for them in the basement and they love it!  We've lived here for over a year, but in a lot of ways I feel like we're still getting settled.

I am trying to be better about sitting down to eat with my little nuts.  We eat dinner as a family, but when it comes to breakfast and lunch, I was just standing and eating my food, while cleaning up the kitchen, filling water cups and half a dozen other things.  I am purposing to sit down with them and our meal-time together is one of the best parts of my day.  I love all the funny, insightful, random things they tell me.  And you know what?  They are sure to ask if I'm coming, so I know they enjoy it, too!
I hope you are all well and so appreciate your kind comments and love. 
God Bless & Good night!


  1. Hope you got some good sleep. I love how you always make things special and fun at your home and celebrate life in every way!

  2. Fun memories. I love the pic of sleeping Julia!


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