Friday, April 1, 2011

Days on the Farm: Early Spring

There is much to do on the farm these days, if only the weather would cooperate, so they could really tackle all there is to do.  There will be a rush when the rain subsides, and the tile up the hill quits running (Great Uncle Bill used to say, "when the tile stops running, it is time to farm."). 
Note: it is still running

Tough Guy and I went out after his nap to watch the guys auger the wheat into the truck. 
He is so fascinated by everything on the farm.
The wheat is collected in the grain bins during harvest, then sold, and trucked to Portland  in the winter (or in this case, early spring) . 

Uncle Patrick gave Paytay a closer look at the wheat.
And his own handful of wheat, which he carried around and finally dumped into a cup, and slowly ate.  :)

It is an intense time of preparation on the farm these days. 
They are amassing a very large pile of pipe for the black-cap field. 

As well as a very large pile of sawdust for a new blueberry field that will be going in this spring.

Julia is enjoying the activity, too!
Happy Spring on the farm!

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