Friends in the Sun and Rain

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello again!  I hope you are waking up to sunny skies this morning and your weekend was wonderful!  I tried not to share these pictures with you, I really did, but could not resist. :)  
Olivia and Peyton are quite the friends... here are a few pictures from this weekend.
The rains subsided for a bit, so we relished being outside.  It was not warm, mind you, just rain-free!  On Saturday, these two got dressed up in their Indian outfits and pulled on their rubber boots to help plant Christmas trees (I know, Peyton's boot aren't even on the right feet and they are not dressed warm enough).  I watched them for a good 20 minutes marching around outside and helping with the planting, being little nuts, before I took their picture and shooed them inside for a few more layers of clothing. :)     

We went for a long walk Friday afternoon and then hiked at Multnomah Falls for my Mom's birthday on Sunday, so we definitely got our exercise in this weekend.  Happy Birthday, Mama!  You are the best friend ever and more precious than any of us deserve!   
Love to you and yours!  Have a blessed day!

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