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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Life is going by at lightening speed these days; the days, weeks, and months are flying by.  I am thankful for this little spot on the information superhighway to help us remember and enjoy. 
Am I getting a reputation for my plethora of pictures?  In any case, pictures are easier than words right now.:)
But, before the pictures, some words farm information:
Did you know the average age of U.S. Farmers is 55?  And did you know we spend considerably less on food as compared to other countries {thanks to our inventive and adept farmers and ranchers}.
Now for pictures...
I adore this picture of baby Julia in Nana's hat that her grandma made for her.
She will be 5 months old this week.  She is reaching out and pulling our faces in for slobbery kisses, "scrunching" on the floor like a worm {I wonder if she will be our youngest to crawl}, sitting up, and has tasted her first rice cereal.  She is an absolute delight.   
The last couple months were harder than the beginning, but I am realizing that it was most likely due to sickness (makes a two-year-old very clingy) and terrible weather {what a challenge when everyone can't get outside}. 
We are so very thankful to have sickness behind us and summer ahead of us!  Now, more about the weather.  Do you remember last year when the seashells blew in after the stormy weather?  Olivia was overwhelmed with joy when she found a new dusting of seashells last Friday afternoon.
She got her wagon and started loading them up straightaway.  I love how she appreciates the little things like finding seashells in her backyard!

I love sleeping baby pictures, too!
One of my dearest friends and cousin, Becca, came down from Washington to work on a "special project" with my precious sister-in-law, Liza, and to meet her new nephew!  Congratulations, Nick & Ali!!! 
BIG kudos to Becca & Liza for all the work you put into the family project {it is a secret for now, but it is going to be awesome!}.
They informed me in the picture below that they were "computicating".
Watching the little nuts play...
Becca's adorable girls came down, too,  and the kids were pretty much inseparable; they pretended it was spring summer, rolled up their pants and ran around in the sand.
Cousins from left to right: Katelyn, Olivia, Abigail and Evelette

I love you, Evelette Marilyn!
And Peyton, well, he didn't seem to notice his pants falling off every time he bent over, but the girls sure did!  Just this week he headed outside in the freezing cold while I was getting something in the basement with nothing on, but his rubber boots.  :) 

I have been so hungry lately.  Yes, anything I can bake or buy and ultimately consume is on my mind these days!  Southern Living had so many yummy recipes this last month- check them out!  Here is just one of them.


  1. I am with you 100% on the weather. So ready to put the rain and cold away for a long time. I am eating everything in sight these days, too! Thankfully some of it goes to nursing....ha! Ha! Love all your pictures.

  2. I LOVE the pics of the girls! So cute!

  3. Such cute pics! I also really loved the link about the farmers, which led me to other people's writings and music and thank you :)... I am sooo happy I married a farmer and have always enjoyed being involved with farming.

  4. Love the pictures, Rach! It was so fun to see you - we can't wait to come back in the summer to play more! xoxox


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