Easter 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Friday Morning, my friends!  I could not be more excited for the weekend; it is going to be 70 degrees on Sunday (only the second 70 degree day we've had this year).  Hip, Hip Hooray! 
 I'm telling you, this weather has left me feeling a bit restless.  I've been watching the horses out the big front windows all winter, longing to get out and ride fast, but the wet weather keeps preventing the ground from drying out to ride.  To carry out my need for speed, I've pushed the double stroller up the hill as fast as I could every day this week (an improvement from my 'just weekly' walk we've been doing), but I'd much rather be riding.  Jesus, send the sun!
We had the pleasure of hosting Easter for our families and friends this year. 
A few highlights from the weekend: beautiful, sunny day on Saturday for the egg hunt, helping in children's church Easter Sunday, wonderful food and fellowship (everyone brought something), the sunshine coming out long enough for another hunt on the farm on Sunday, and my brother, Patrick, finishing off the day by busting out the hula-hoop complete with workout clothes and a whole lotta sass.  I am still laughing!
   Here are a few pictures from the weekend.
Peyton did not get into the festivities this year (acted very much like a two-year-old and was pretty stinky at times...buddy!), but he loved coloring eggs!  He kept grunting from holding his breath because he was concentrating so hard.
First Easter!

Easter decor consisted of candytuft and heather from my parent's yard and wood rounds my hubby cut for me.  Speaking of wood, I am trying to get my hands on some wood stumps.  You know we have access to plenty o' wood and they make such cool side tables.  I tried to get one for Peyton's nursery a couple years back, but never thought about making my own, until recently.  My mom even had the cool idea of using a birch tree stump for a white one or painting one white!
The naked dining room post-Easter (with the exception of the bunny stuffed with heather and one wood round, I wasn't quite ready to put them away).
I cannot get over how cute these two looked in their matching blue and white (Auntie Erin and Marcus).
Pictures from my mom's camera...

We also celebrated David's 32nd birthday, which fell on Good Friday!  Happy Birthday to my very best friend and love! 
Olivia and Peyton playing with Daddy and his new toy...
I heart you, David Gordon!


  1. I can't tell what David is holding up. Your family is so darling, wish I could have talked to you at the easter hunt, but I didn't see you again after our brief hello.

  2. You have made some pretty changes to your house! You guys look stunning in your Easter pics!

  3. Danielle, It is an "Air Hogs". He got it from his parents and the guys love them! I think they picked it up from Fred Meyer!:)


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