Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Third

I wanted to do this post months ago to record the change from having two little nuts to three.
The picture is from a card David's Aunt Sue sent upon hearing we were expecting our third.  I love it!
#3 -  5.5 months old
 Aunt Sue, I hope you don't mind me quoting you on 'the blog'. 
Aunt Sue sent this note when Julia was born, it perfectly expressed how I feel about my third baby!
Isn't her handwriting gorgeous? 
I have loved being a mother from the start {i.e. Olivia}, but I was surprised how I was able to really enjoy the newborn stage this time.  If memory serves me right, it seems like it was more of an adjustment going from 1 to 2, than it has been going from 2 to 3?  Perhaps less stressful, like we've known what we're doing just a teeny bit more?  At any rate, I haven't been fumbling for a book to remind myself what to do {things definitely came easier and more naturally}.  I knew to do cluster feedings before bed, "eat, wake, sleep cycle" during the day, lay the precious babe down when drowsy, but not asleep, tried-and-true methods for burping and swaddling, ETC.   Tricks of the trade gleaned mostly from On Becoming Baby WiseSecrets of the Baby Whisperer .  And just as her card said, I've cherished her babyhood all the more, I know it lasts for but a breath!  I've said 'no' to some things, let the laundry pile up a little higher, and let the floors get a little dirtier.  I don't want to miss it!  
Now, we are entering a new stage: solids and mobility.  I will be getting out and referring to my beloved Super Baby Food book.  My cousin, Becca, told me about the book when Olivia was a baby.  I'd like to think I have two pretty healthy eaters thanks in part to the guidance from this book.  The book lays out at what age you can introduce various foods, the health benefits of each food, and probably most importantly, her Super Porridge.  I don't follow her Super Porridge exactly, but the idea: mix in as many healthy things as possible with their baby cereal. 

Lately, I've been giving the kid's Greek yogurt for breakfast {so creamy and delish} with banana, frozen blueberries, granola, flax seed, and powdered kelp- I add as many healthy things as possible.  I don't know how they can eat the powdered kelp, but they do, and have since they were little. 

I should also note that it now takes me two teacups of coffee and biscotti per day versus the half of a teacup I used to consume.  :):)

I love you, Olivia, Peyton AND Julia!

Happy Mother's Day this week!


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  1. The Baby Whisperer was my go to book. Its funny about them enjoying kelp powder, Lincoln also loves to eat seaweed. I'm sure its because I ate so much while being pregnant with him.