Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Freedom & Tearing it UP

I never know how much of what we discuss, the little nuts are really soaking up, but by now I should assume "a LOT".  In Olivia's prayers this morning, she thanked God for Memorial Day that we celebrated yesterday and for all those who fought for our freedom.  YES!  We salute, honor, and thank our valiant servicemen and women!  "Thank you" is not enough, but with all our hearts, we thank you! 
Becca, I cannot get blogger to cooperate to let me respond to your comment, so I gave up and I'm typing it here... :)  We follow a scripture reading that our church puts out and I do a girl's devotional {by Veggie Tales} with Olivia at bedtime.  Love you, sweet friend! 
Again, I wonder how much the kids are getting out of hearing the bible via New King James read to them, but this morning they put their backpacks on and were headed to Egypt with their camels and tents.  There was talk of "freedom for their people" {we've been reading about the Israelites}, so they are definitely listening and I know we can't go wrong with reading the Word of God aloud. 
I had the idea last week to make or buy a little stand to keep at our kitchen table to hold verses we are memorizing, so maybe I'll share it once I get it worked out!

This last weekend we participated in an estate sale with Grandpa and Grammy, celebrated my 29th birthday {last year in my 20s... sniff}, and greatly enjoyed spending time with our family who was down from Washington.  Good times!:)

And, now, some "let's get dirty pictures".
The guys ripping it up at the yard workday. 
Auntie Elisa and I collaborated to get this shot.  Grandpa is in the very back on the tractor... we thought it was cool how we were able to get all 5 guys (Paytay was riding on the tractor) in one shot.
The mighty claw also tearing it up in preparation for the new blueberry field.  Progress has been painstakingly slow as they are still waiting on the weather.
"Can I go for a ride with you, Uncle Zach?" 
Peyton is surrounded by wonderful men in his life that share his love of trucks, tractors, and dirt!
Olivia loves to get in on the action, too!  Sweet girl!

As you can tell, I was having fun watching and taking pictures of the excavator at work.


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