Monday, May 23, 2011

Dedication & Spring

Raspberry cupcakes to celebrate baby girl's dedication

What a wonderful week we had last week.  We relished a much slower pace while also being productive.  There has been a lot going on these past few weeks, so it was a welcome break.  We were in our workbooks every day (Olivia and Peyton) and we thoroughly enjoyed the time together.  Peyton even learned to spell his name.  Sweet success!  We sat at the dining room table and started with our devotions, which flowed really nicely into schoolwork.  I think we may have something here! 

I am learning right along with them.  One morning last week I was convicted by something I've said to my little man while potty-training.  I usually savor my quiet time before they are awake, but not that morning, I wanted to go get him out of bed to apologize just as soon as I realized it.  Every so often I'll tell him, "Peyton, you're a big boy, you need to go in the toilet, it is naughty to go in your pants."  I know he can physically hold it, he is an excellent communicator- he exhibits all the signs for being ready, so I guess that is why I thought to tell him it was naughty to not go in the toilet.  It haven't been yelling at him or terribly upset, but that word... naughty.  I've been communicating shame.  He needs my encouragement to keep doing the very best he can do and that is it.  I had to ask for his forgiveness, he was barely awake when I did, so it took a few times of explaining why I was asking for forgiveness, but he cheerfully forgave me.:)  I told him it isn't naughty to go in his pants and all he needs to do is try his best.  I praised him for the good job he has been doing.  Thank God we don't have to be perfect as parents, but just lean on Him and acknowledge Him in everything and He will guide us along the way.  Proverbs 3:6 says, "in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."  

We celebrated a big day last Sunday- Julia's dedication!  She turned six months old and we are head over heels in love with her.  Daddy has been going in and getting the little princess up in the mornings {much to my horror... we have a schedule to keep, you know!:)}, but he says he can't help it because this is the age when they really start to get cute/fun.  I'd have to agree. 
Here is a string of photos of the little nut on her dedication day.  She was really posing, so I just kept on clicking!:)

Our large family at her dedication.

Peyton keeping himself amused at the restaurant at her dedication lunch. 
I'll end quickly with a few spring pictures.
Jock & Hadiah
Peyton inspecting a crimson head.
The bees have been busy in the blueberries- the blossoms are thick.
Our very productive, very fun workday at Grandpa and Grammys'

P.S. The marriage conference was incredible.  I want to go to one every year!  We attended The Art of Marriage.  You must check it out! 

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  1. Love the pics of Julia - she's so precious! I'm curious to know what devotion you're doing with the kids? We read the girls' Bible every day and they LOVE that, but it would be nice to include a devotion in there too!