Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Friday afternoon, friends!  I am sitting down with teacup #2 of coffee and biscotti to share a little bit of last weekend before this weekend is upon us; goodness the weeks are flying by.  I waste no time starting the coffee these days after laying the little nuts down for their rest.  The sputters, chugs, and hisses of the coffee brewing have become quite soothing to me- something I look forward to.  It takes quite a bit of energy, organization, holy spirit help to get everyone going in the right direction each day, keep them going in the right direction, and do everything else that needs to be done, soooo.... a BIG shout-out to all the Mamas!  I hope you had a restful Mother's day, showered with love from your little (or big) ones.   
Now, for a Mother's day weekend recap:
I took Olivia to her swim lessons Saturday morning, we came home, changed, and headed out to her first official tea party at Uncle Daniel and Auntie Lizas' home.  I so appreciate my new sister-in-law; she has become such a dear, dear friend!  Love you, Liza!  
The girls made strawberry shortcake with Auntie Liza, sipped chai tea, and feasted on tasty finger foods.  It was delightful.

My girls all dressed up for the tea party!

I woke up Sunday morning to my favorite maple bars {I love you, David!}, and a sweet card from the nuts.  We we went to church and then to my mom's, where the whole family participated in a slam dunk cleaning party for her {it is the theme this year because we are having a yard work party for Grammy... woop, woop!}.  It was so cool watching everyone pitch in to give back to "our Mom" who gives, and gives and gives to all of us.  We love you, Mama!
Another family picture!  We are on a roll.  Peyton fell asleep in the car and was none to happy about having his picture taken, but here we are.  I am also on a roll with chopping my hair... 6 inches and counting.  I feel empowered having the scissors taken to my hair versus the handfuls of hair I've been pulling out. :(

My favorite part of Mother's day came towards the end of the day when I got to just soak in my little nuts with almost no distractions.  How often does that happen?  Not nearly enough!  I followed my little guy around and listened to him make up story after story.  Snuggled up close and watched Heidi with Olivia.  Took extra time holding Julia after she had fallen asleep before laying her down.  I am so very, very blessed to be their Mama.

Do you recall the special project I mentioned a few weeks back?  It was a "Nanny book" that the whole family contributed to, and Liza and Becca put together for Mother's day.  The book was full of pictures, stories, quotes, recipes- all things Nanny! We wanted to tell her what a difference she has made in all of our lives! 

Picture of Nanny and I in the book.
Nanny with her book.

OK, time is up and my coffee break is over.:)  We are attending a marriage conference this weekend at our church and Julia is getting dedicated on Sunday, so... Ready, Set, Go! :)  
I'll be back next week with a few products to share!    


  1. I am so glad you took such cute and thoughtful pictures at the tea party! I really love your new stylish haircut! The sound of a pot of coffee brewing is a very homey pleasure.

  2. Oh, I love the pics :)... and reading about your mother's day. It is lovely getting to know you more and more and seeing your family's love. I am quite excited for the day that I have little ones and being able to ask you questions in regards to what to do next!