Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Product Reviews

Hello!  Here are a few things I am putting to use and enjoying these days!  Perhaps one of them will be helpful to you...
First, I would like to share these handy little stools I got for O & P {I was at my sisters' and loved the one she got for Evie}.  Marshalls carries them and they are only $7.99.  I especially love the fun colors they come in- pink, blue, green, white. 
Look how nicely they fold up!
This product is one I've had for a long time- a trusty friend to my antiques.  You simply rub it on with a rag and it works wonders for restoring color, removing blemishes, {it does everything the can says it does}.  I purchased mine from R.D. Steeves, which is no longer in business, but I've seen it at other antique stores, too. 

This salad dressing can be found in the produce department of your local grocery store. 
Right next to my favorite blue cheese dressing.
It is a tad expensive, but fun for a treat!  My mom has been using it with tossed salad greens, chopped dried mango, mandarin oranges, feta and caramelized nuts.  LOVE! 

Lastly, wax paper bags remind me of my Nanny.  She was always tucking a sandwich, treat or leftover in them.  I recently had the idea to use them and don't know why I haven't kept a supply of them on hand.  They are cuter than a plastic bag {which is of the utmost importance, right?}, better for the environment, and work great for sticky foods!  Winco carries them, not necessarily this brand, but I wanted to include a picture.
Cut-Rite Wax Paper Sandwich Bags, 50-Count  (Pack of 12)
I hope to be back with pictures from baby girl's dedication, and possibly a spring farm update.  God Bless!
P.S. A couple of housekeeping things...
- How do you back up your blog or do you back it up?
- A few people told me that they couldn't leave a comment {I think it was set so you had to have a blog to comment}, but it should be fixed now.  Let me know.
OK, Bye! :)


  1. Love those fold up stools!!!


  2. I LOOOVE your product reviews! I want the stools and the bags! I agree on the salad dressing too!