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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ugly weather and rain is good for inside jobs, specifically sprucing up the ol' house!:)  We've had our fair share of icky weather this spring, so here are a few recent projects from around the house. 
I am so thankful for birthday money.  Last year I purchased our new bedspread, which I actually ended up taking back {I know, what a long saga that turned out to be, BUT the darn thing was so slippery that it ended up on the floor most nights and we were not down with that}. Thankfully, West Elm took it back after 5 months {a miracle if you ask me} and I was able to furnish the bathroom and get some other things with my credit. 
Shower curtain and bath rug via West Elm
Bath towels & a stacking-canister-thing filled with essentials.
This frame that hangs over our toilet previously held a picture of the sweet babies' hand prints, but I swapped it for this big picture of them in the tub. 
And here is the quilt we ended up with on our bed- a white one scored on clearance at Marshalls with the LOVE pillow I made last year.
 Take a look at this yo-yo quilt on the rocker in our room, made by my great-grandma, Thelma May.  It definitely adds some color and a little 'granny chic vibe' to the room. 
I really want to make one of these quilts someday; isn't it awesome?
Let's see, what else?  Peyton's room...
My sister and I went antique shopping downtown Hillsboro after my birthday lunch and found some fun treasures for his room with my birthday money this year.
B-day lunch- it was a rainy workday on the farm, so the guys joined us {my sister said she was out of place without a camo hat:)}.  He, he!  By the way, my brothers are stinkin' awesome!  They called and sang to me for my birthday {I think Dan & Amos were pulled in as well} with their deep, rich voices and they sounded so good, but most of all, I was just so blessed they took the time to call!  I love you guys!
Paytay's sweet airplane lamp, it is so cool all aglow! 
And an airplane shelf from the same store.  I plan to put a few other niners on it, picture frame, and such.
I've done some switching around of dressers, and in general, just tried to make their rooms more user friendly.
The vintage crop dusting pictures work so well in his room, tying in airplanes with farming.  I uploaded the pictures to Costco and put them in frames from the G.W.
They hang above his desk

I moved his bird mobile to this room, I think it adds a whimsical touch to an otherwise straitlaced room.
Oh, and my gorgeous lamp from Tarjay?  Yup... the hubbsters got that for me for my anniversary back in March.  I told him about it and he remembered and got it! 
Well, I may have to do a part 2 to this post to share some the other little things I have in the works {my desk, sewing room, ETC.}, but I better hurry because the weather is turning, and it is time to get outside, folks!:)  I hope you are having a beautiful day!

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