Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello!  I am swinging in to share a few pictures- I am on a blogging roll this week!  If I've learned anything about blogging so far, it is to do it often {so as not to over think it}, and to just do what I can {even if that means just posting some pictures}.  It may just be for my benefit, but ah well... do what you love and love what you do!:)

Work is now in full gear to plant the blueberry field, in fact, it is in overdrive.  The guys are putting in long hours hauling sawdust and doing tractor work to prepare the field.

Loading sawdust into the spreaders

Pipe, posts, products are being delivered for the new field

Breathtaking, isn't it?

It is dusty, dirty work!

The men have been putting in long hours, Liza is so cute and wise to join her hubby for a few of those hours!  Oh, and Marcus, too!:)
I plan to document the process as the plants go in, and so forth.  It is such a massive and exciting undertaking!
Happy Wednesday!  Love, Me :)
P.S. I should be back one more time this week with some other pictures I didn't include in this post, so hopefully you won't feel like cursing at me and all the pictures if I break it up a bit!:)  

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  1. This process is interesting at least for me, fun stuff keep posting! Thanks for the don't overthink comment, I do that with my blog alot.. grr! Have a fun week!


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