Friday, June 17, 2011

Good to Get Away

You forget how nice it is to get away when you are in the midst of your day to day rituals and responsibilities, but we escaped to Washington {sans the guys as they were working} last weekend for my cousin's 30th birthday party, and it was just what the doctor ordered.  I am convinced I have the coolest, most fun family EVER {my grandparents, mom's family live in WA}!  We enjoyed the birthday party and the birthday girl went to church together, soaked up sun on Popum and Nanny's back patio, and visited a couple of my Uncle and Aunts' homes before heading back.  Pure bliss!  BTW...Becca, you are always beautiful, especially at 30!
Olivia and Peyton enjoying time with Nanny in the kitchen
Family enjoying each other

Peyton found an unfinished flowerbed and a bucket of dirt and was highly entertained.  He said he was making, "smoke"!

Pictures via Uncle Ladd ... Thank you for capturing these!
 Peyton being treated for a swing set injury- my ridiculous expression is good for a smile :)

 I thought Nanny pinned Peyton perfectly when she said he walks with the confidence of a twelve-year-old instead of a two-year-old.  He has such a stomping strut when he walks!
 A handful of the cousins

Back to daily rituals.  The little nuts and I have a rule in the morning: we get ready for the day first before we play.  It can be a little tricky to get it all done {have breakfast, get dressed, make beds, carry dirty clothes, brush teeth, comb hair, ETC.} with trying to read to the baby and lay her down for her morning nap in there as well.  So, yesterday morning, I had Olivia help get the little Mr. dressed while I read to Jules and laid her down.  I finished laying the baby down, but paused in the bathroom to listen to Olivia patiently helping her brother before going in to help.  I empathized with her efforts and tried to subdue my laughter as I listened..
"OK, set your blanket down, we're not playing with that until we get dressed." 
"put your foot in"
A one word plea... "pleeease"
"here we go, no, put that toy down..."
"good job, almost done..." and on it went for 5 minutes until Peyton ran out of his room, followed by his exasperated sister.  I'm getting the giggles all over again just trying to type this, but you might not be able to relate if you haven't helped a two-year-old get dressed lately :)  After all her effort, he was still just in his socks and only one button done on his shirt!  He, he! 
Meet our feathered friends, The Killdeers {still guarding their eggs}

We even took a little video to introduce you to them {never mind Olivia coming to warn me that Jules is putting rocks in her mouth... I quickly end it there :)}

I promised to show you my idea for a scripture holder for our table, but my mom beat me to it, so I am sharing hers!:)  We are using a picture rolodex thing, so we can catalogue the different memory verses, but hers is way prettier!
Blueberry field update: pictures
The field is starting to take shape, almost ready for plants!

OK, gotta get up and go... Later!


  1. Wow you captured such an amazing pic of the horses there!
    I loved seeing the pictures from your Washington trip, we are so bummed we couldn't make it!
    Love you so much Rach!

  2. SO glad you guys made it up - and I love the photos! Love you!!