First Week of Summer Fun

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy First Week of Summer!  It has been warm this week and every sun-lovin' cell in my body is rejoicing!
I'm uploading pictures and just had to share...
Julia hasn't sucked on a pacifier since she was a newborn, but big sister gave her one from her doll stash, and to Olivia's sheer delight, baby girl was very obliging.
Baby girl also learned to clap this week, she was so proud of herself!

 Oh, how I love watching and hearing these little nuts play {look closely}
 Daddy did his best to get a nap in on Father's Day, but was pretty much climbed on, poked, and kissed the whole 30 minutes.

 I finally got 'round to making baby food this week.  I have been winging it until now, but it was time to make up some batches to freeze.  The little girl is now eating squash, carrots, peas, green beans, asparagus, banana, mango, tofu, cottage cheese, baby cereal, sweet potatoes, and avocado- a growing variety!
 And this little man is still feasting on his farm-fresh fruits!  Our strawberries were just barely ripe in time for Father's day shortcake, and as you can see, Peyton is still plucking his fruit in nothing more than a diaper.  AND, as you can also see, potty-training is still very much a work in progress.  I believe I said I'd "never" go back to diapers {ha, ha, ha, ha, ha}.  We are now doing modified potty-training in pull-ups.  Silly me! 

We have a really good crop of strawberries- they are so big and yummy!  The family of skunks that has moved in under our front steps {yes, you heard right, we have skunks under our front steps} think the strawberries are delish as well!  Oh boy, we'll let you know how it turns out with the skunks.  So far, we are using ammonia, and Hershey's kisses to try to get rid of them, and thankfully they haven't sprayed.
My new sconces from my sis are equally yummy!  She came out one day this week and we traded for an hour of her time.  Why hadn't I thought of this before!  It is amazing what you can get done in 1 hour with four kids and a bit of sunshine!  We took turns watching the kids, painted, rearranged, splashed in the water,  organized, ETC.  It was a very nice shot in the arm. 
Thank you, again, favorite, bestest sister of mine!:) 
Leah's old sconces pained aqua and now hanging in my bedroom.
Aren't they fun?
 Lanterns on loan from Leah in the kitchen
 The plate rack holding my cards also got a coat of aqua.
 Tossing pillows...
So much fun!
For some final fun... pictures from my mom's camera from Father's day {we went to a birthday party/father's day party at the farm- the water balloon toss was definitely the highlight}

My daddy and I and Evie and Roy J.

Oh, and the plants are in!  A crew of 25 people planted 14 acres {20,500 plants} in 3 days!

Alright, I just need to end this post,:), but I also wanted to note that both Olivia and Peyton attended KDC for 3 days this week, they were little chefs!!  BYE!


  1. Great post Rach! I loved the pics of the kids crawling all over Daddy while he was napping! lol
    And I am so happy with the way the sconces turned out!
    Love you!


  2. You are rocking the projects! Love your style. Have a great week!


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