Monday, June 6, 2011

Heaven is for Real

I just got this book, read it last night, and I feel compelled to tell you about it!  I have a hard time reading books at night, I can hardly keep my eyes open, even when I am very willing, BUT I could not put the book down.  It is a true story about a little boy who lived through an emergency appendectomy and how he went to heaven and back.    The book was recommended to us by a couple we really admire and after they told us a few of the details, I had to snatch it up!  The little boy meets his sister he didn't know he had {his mom had a miscarriage}, and he tells his parents what they were doing in the hospital while he was being operated on.  The details he gives about heaven {in his four-year-old words} are beautifully simple and astounding.  Most importantly, his descriptions of heaven match up with scripture.  With that said, it isn't the bible, but it sure did make me long for Jesus and heaven that awaits us!
You can pick it up at Costco!

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  1. I loved this book! 1st time in my life I have sat down and read an entire book in one sitting. Definitely a great recommendation =)