Friday, June 10, 2011

Quotes and Pictures of the Week

***Update- I was in such a hurry when typing this post last week, I forgot to put the quotes in, and I know the grandparents will appreciate these, so here they are:
Olivia asked one evening if her pink princess toothpaste was made out of princess blood!
Peyton calls chap stick "plastic" {I guess it does sound like that}
Oh, and Olivia was watching me treat some ring around the collar on Daddy's shirt and wanted to know if his shirts get that because he has "fur" on his neck!  Oh, these nuts!

What happened to coming back this week?  I am barely squeezing this in, but in addition to the "do what you love and love what you do quote" there is the "do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do" quote.  Hmm, I guess that means I better keep this brief and go attend to the mountain o' dishes in my sink!:)
 Pictures, fragment sentences and the ellipsis should keep me on track. :) 
We broke out pretend broken arms one morning {Peyton's was fashioned from a t.p. tube}...
 ...Doing my best one evening to get a picture of the little nut and I
Awkward, but we got it... :)

I set up the hammock in anticipation of long, warm summer days ahead, and we've already been enjoying it!
And even enjoyed a sunny day with friends!
 Paytay is running for dear life from his sister and the hose!:)
Daddy planting the garden with the help of a few kids {prego Auntie Leah with Jules on the far left}!

This little girl LOVED helping her Daddy, not only is she very willing, but also becoming quite capable.

Tomato cages are so cool!

So are golf carts {our 2nd vehicle since we sold the 4-wheeler}
Do you want to eat him?  Me too!

Finally, I'm trying to keep SweetP from disturbing, or God forbid!, killing the killdeer's eggs, but it is rough when she has them nestled on our brush burn pile in plain sight!  The little nuts had not seen a killdeer in action before, so they've been pretty intrigued by them.We managed to find the eggs despite their elaborate act to keep us away from them.  The eggs are actually quite camouflaged, but I still don't agree with her choice of location. :)
... Good ... bye! ... :)

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