Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wrapping it Up

I hesitate sharing the finished product as there is room for improvement, but this is it for now.  I hadn't done much with the room since we moved in (I think I leave the more difficult rooms for last), but it is starting to feel finished.
The curtains are done (I 'lined' them by hanging white Ikea curtains behind them).
I moved the chair from our bedroom in here.
The basket is a nice catch-all since we play in here a lot.  I had to quickly snap the pictures before the coffee table was covered in tractors.
Our coffee table is not the prettiest piece of furniture, but well-suited for heavy-duty play.  I like to think of it as the "distressed jeans" in the J.Crew picture and the curtains are her heels! 
Originally, I thought I would gather a bunch of art from around the house and make an eclectic display over the couch, but then I realized I've already done that in just about every other room!  So, I decided to go more symmetrical this time.  I'd like to add another row of frames someday.

  I'm pretty pleased with the way my homemade artwork turned out.  It was my mom's idea to take pictures of things around our house until I get portraits of the kids. 
Our woodpile:
The play structure:
The pictures are fun because they are meaningful to us and only cost $5.
Olivia's tricycle:
Our flag pole:
What do you think?

Now my girl...
Don't you love how I keep sneaking in pictures of her?  I'm shameless. :)
She is following in her siblings footsteps and enjoys her books!
I love this picture of her (somebody took it at her cousin's 1st birthday party).  It totally captures her at this stage: so peaceful and always with a finger in her mouth. :)



  1. Love how the room turned out! Love the art, so creative!!!
    Also, love it when you sneak in pics of Julia!

  2. What a beautiful precious girl you have in Julia & Olivia. Love them both. The family room looks great!

  3. I am in LOVE with the room! Just those few things totally updated it. Isn't it so nice to freshen up a space? I love how the artwork turned out, you got mad photo skillz sis!
    And of course you know how obsessed I am with Julia, can't get enough!