Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Field Trip

So, we're only a couple days into kindergarten and we already took our first field trip, but that is the beauty of homeschool, right?! :)  We started earlier, got done, and headed out to the zoo with my super-cute, prego sister, and niece, Evelette.  She is due on Friday {woop, woop}, and the last few days of waiting can be brutal, so we kept busy and did a lot of walking. 
 I think most surprising was how much Julia loved everything!  She would get stiff and make all kinds of noises, and did not miss a thing!
 We've seen lots of beaver dams, so it was pretty cool for the little nuts to get such a good look at one. 

 Check out her intense stare, she was in love.
 Polar bears are incredible, and we couldn't help but feel bad for them on this 94 degree day.
We could have watched the monkeys for hours.
 Amazing, Beautiful

 Kindergartner :)
 Apparently, this first week of homeschooling has been rough on me, 'cuz I look really tired or maybe it was the long zoo day?!:)

We are excited to be starting swim lessons {Peyton}, ballet lessons {Olivia} and embracing this new/busy season.  I think summer is the only season I really mourn the loss of.  Thankfully, there are fun things to embrace in fall {this is my pep talk}. 
BUT, we still have some more fun in the sun to soak up.  Welcome 90 degree days...
She is ready to partay!

Mi padre y mi amor
Mi amor

Alright, better be off to attack those dark circles.

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  1. I love all your zoo pics sis! What a fun day. Too bad with all that walking and all the walking since he STILL isn't out! Such a good sister/aunt/mama taking us all there!

    Love you!