Saturday, September 3, 2011

Homeschooling & Miscellaneous

We are taking the plunge to homeschool Olivia for kindergarten and our excitement continues to mount. :)  We have been organizing, back-to-school shopping, and talking a lot about it.  My friend, K, recommended, My Father's World {thank you, dear friend} and after reading about it, and looking at examples of the curriculum, I knew it was for us.  I love how they tie in scripture, getting outside {or going in the kitchen}, classic books and music, hands on learning {ant hill farm, butterfly garden}, and so much more!  We are going to do our schooling at the dining room table with our hutch of supplies nearby, but I imagine as we/if we continue on, we'll need to create a dedicated homeschool room.  We'll see!

We ordered the amazing kindergarten literature collection and I made some book plates to distinguish our kinder books from the rest of the books in the house (I'm hoping to keep them separate).

File folders ready to go for each topic/week.
Home School supplies

I don't want the home school materials to invade every corner of our house, but I'm hoping the new bulletin board helps in keeping us organized.
My sister gave me a frame {thank you for awesome hand-me-downs, Leah!!} and I made a bulletin board out of it by wrapping sound board in burlap. 

I had some leftover material, so I made a little pin board for my kitchen.

I think we have our work triangle {kitchen table to study, black hutch with supplies, bulletin board for displaying and referring to}.

We got Miss O's ears pierced and went back-to-school shopping all in one day.  I'm not sure that those two things go together, but it was a special morning with just her and I. 
She was so brave and didn't shed a tear.  So proud of her! 
My, things have come a long way from the ice cube and needle my Aunt used to do mine. :)


Apparently, not only are we starting a school, but I'm opening a store as well.  My pantry has been needin' some love for a while, and my basket method from our old pantry hasn't been working, so I extended my jar collection {found at Target and Fred Meyer}, and I really like how I can take a quick inventory of what we have.  Clearly, I'll have to do something quick as my chocolate jar is dangerously low.
Have you tried these chips?  They are sooo good, and healthy.  We get them at Costco, and I think I'd drive to town just for them, not that I have, just sayin'... :)
 Look at those big, healthy flax seeds!
Finally, a few miscellaneous pictures before I sign off...

Happy Labor Day, and back-to-school. 


  1. You're doing it!!! Luckiest kids EVER to have you for their teacher :) I'm really proud and excited for you all.

    And...the pictures of you on the horse-dang gurl-that could've been out of a Ralph Lauren ad! You need to do some cool color tones on that thing and get 'er framed...that was waaaay too beautiful.

    Love you,

  2. lol I love Angie's comments! ; ) I love how the board turned out, super cute and yes I am the best for giving it to you. ; )
    Everything is so neat and organized for school I think it is just going to make it that much easier to dive in. So excited for this new adventure for you!

    Love you!
    P.S. Now I want to buy more jars to be like you. Your pantry looks amazing!