Friday, September 30, 2011

Faithful God, Few Pictures

This will be short and sweet, unlike the majority of my posts lately. :)
We are very happy to have Daddy home after being without him for 8 days.  It should have been 9, but he surprised us and came home early from hunting.  Liza and I were busy sewing bags in the basement {me in my gym shorts, sweatshirt, and messy ponytail, leaning over a sewing machine}, when I look up to see my man standing in the doorway.  It was pretty surreal/romantic.  I didn't know whether to cry, laugh or be mad he didn't give me a little warning!:)  We had only talked once due to nonexistent cell phone reception, and then to have him home.  Ahhh... Big Sigh! :)  I'll see if I can get a few pictures from his partner in crime to share with y'all.
We've had some gorgeous sunrises lately.  Olivia and I enjoyed this one together while Daddy was away.
Afterwards, she enjoyed devotions.

 We were racing to the garage door this week- they beat me and were lined up so cute waiting. 
 What nuts!
Jules is starting to talk!  Her first {unlikely} words:
"hug", "up", "Jock" {the horse}, "go",  "tracta", "mama", "golf cart", "agua", "water" or "wa wa", and please {in sign language}.  She loves telling us what tractors and horses say.  She raises her arm or arms and starts bouncing when she hears music.  She has taken a couple steps and would probably walk with a little more encouragement.  The girl is constantly rearranging the kitchen chairs! :)  She is so fun; we really, really adore her! 
Pretties in my kitchen
 My favorite salad {caprese} right now with tomatoes from our garden.  Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar... makes my mouth water.
BTW, thank you for letting me share some raw emotion {not that you had a choice- ha!} about some of the icky stuff we've been through.  It's OK to let God know how we are feeling, and even let Him know when we've had enough, as long as it is not without faith.  I wrote a check on Monday {one I shouldn't have had to write, they are painful if you've not had the experience}, but as I wrote it and surrendered the desire to defend ourselves once again, I asked God to return the funds to us x2.  I truly believe He is going to do exactly that. Guess what?  We received two very unexpected checks this week, and they cover three fourths of what we lost.  Did you hear that?  Thank you, Jesus!  I am going to be on the lookout for the rest.  No, our problems haven't gone away, but what beautiful, timely proof, that He hears us, sees us, and loves us!
Psalm 107:6 Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.

Yikes!  Did I keep it short? :)
Happy Weekend!



  1. Awesome God, thank you for your provision! Good news to read this morning. Luv ya.

  2. Now I'm an "official", I'm so pleased, blessed,
    and encouraged as you chronicle your family's, life, adventures! The helpful hints, recipes,
    and "how to's" are great. I'm thankful for your honest expressions of what life brings, and how God equips, comforts, directs, and provides! You're creative, joyful, and honest!
    Keep up the GREAT work! I'm blessed to be your

  3. Love the pictures of the kids, they are TOO adorable. Thanks for sharing your story of God's provision - it is such an encouragement to me! Love you! ~Becca

  4. God is good... we sometimes don't look for or expect His blessings. Thank you for sharing with us and reminding us that He is better than we think! Still praying for you and your sweet famliy. Love you!