Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Have you even been falsely accused?  Have you ever been right, had proof that you were right, and still lost?  Have you felt helpless against an accuser, someone who sought gain from your loss, no matter the means?  Last week was a very difficult one as our real estate trials remain.  David and I are tired, so very tired of losing.  And yet, we can readily recount the many ways our Father has provided for us, and continues to provide for us.  He is not indifferent, He knows what it is to be falsely accused, to suffer, to pay the ultimate price!  Forgive me, Father, for saying I trust you, but seeking my own defense.  You are our hope, our strong deliverer!  We are not alone, there are countless others who have suffered great lost in recent years, so I pray you draw near to Him, and he will draw near to you!

General life stuff {quotes, pictures, and miscellaneous}       

Olivia quotes:
Daddy and Olivia transplanted a volunteer tomato plant from the compost pile to the garden and she has cared for it ever so carefully.  I overheard her saying this to her plant...
"Tomato plant, I'll always be here. If you have a problem, I'll always be here to make shady dirt for you."

The other day, Olivia asked me this on a walk and I just about burst into tears it was so sincere. 
"Mama, will I fly around when I am an angel and go to heaven?  Can I hold Peyton's hand when we're flying?" 

Peyton"isms"/ quotes:
Thank you is "gathank you", my throat is "my throw up",
We've concluded our homeschool lessons by singing, "This is My Father's World".  One day last week, we finished singing, and were talking when Peyton said, "I have Jesus in my heart".  I told him how awesome that is and how he lives in my heart, too.  His response:  "No, he's in my heart."  HA!  That must be the reason why he said God was in his heart when Olivia invited Jesus into her heart this summer {he figured if Olivia had Jesus, then he was going to have God :)}.
He often wants to get animals out of books to hold them or get in the book with them?  Go figure!:)  The other day he was very concerned while looking at the back of his golden book.  He wanted to protect the kitty and puppy from the bad lion!  he, he

In the Kitchen {or patio} 
I recently learned to wrap cilantro in a damp paper towel and it stays fresh for so long.  I've always been frustrated with how quickly it gets slimy.  Hooray for being able to keep cilantro fresh!

I can't remember where I heard or read this {it was a while ago}, but if you roll up your bacon in the package before trying to get it out, it separates much easier!  It is BLTE season, so good to know. :)

I have a new love: the barbecue.  I have never wanted to learn how to barbecue cuz if I don't know how to do it, I don't have to, right?  But, alas, the men are rarely available to cook in the summer, so I caved on my not-gonna-barbecue resolution, and gave it a try.  I don't know why I waited so long; I love cooking over an open flame, and I must be good because it was the best steak ever. :) 
We have a new hummingbird feeder {thank you, Grammy!} and we've had a ball watching them.  They usually eat their breakfast about the time we sit down to have ours.  What fascinating, greedy little creatures!
Uncle Ladd and Aunt Beth brought these fun straws for the kids.  You drink milk with them and the flavor beads turn the milk into a yummy treat.  They come in four flavors.

Miscellaneous Family
"The Help" is a must-see.  I got the book last fall for our Hawaii vacation {but, duh, I had a newborn and did not have time to read a novel on our vacay}, but I read it this last spring and it was a compelling book.  Liza and I have been waiting for it to come out {dark picture below is of us at the movie}. 

Big girl started ballet at our rural studio and she was the only in the class!  It is the same studio my sister and I attended as little girls.  Hopefully, a few more will join her. :)
Peyton playing during homeschool {we 'wrapped' his cargo like we've seen on the farm}

Jules helping Daddy with his hunting laundry

Jules undoing all of Daddy's folding... :)

Lastly, some summer pictures from my Mom's camera {I heart taking pictures with her camera}.

Tough Guy learned to swim by himself and fell in love with the water.
Visit to my great-Aunt Kitty

Goodnight, friends!


  1. What a treat!!! Daniel and I read it all together :). and.... I loved how good our pictured turned out!!! We'll have to take a new one... lol. :)... We are praying and believing for the trials to be over. We love you!

  2. Thanks for the idea for keeping cilantro... I dislike a slimy mess too when needing some for a dish.

    I can't wait to see The Help - I've heard great things!

    Always love to read about life on your beautiful farm and see pictures of your sweet kids!


  3. What a great update. I love Olivia's comment about making "shady dirt" so cute. I am excited about "The Help" too but I want to read the book first!

    ♥ Ashley