Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Would ya?"

buy one of these cute grain sacks turned chic tote?

Background: Our neighbor contacted my Mom about the large pile o' grain bags she has to see if I would be interested in making reusable bags out of them.  Cool idea, huh? 
My sister-in-law, Liza, is a seamstress {I am not!}, so she and I made a prototype to give it a whirl. 
What do you think? 
Would ya wanna buy one? 

Here are the grain sacks {this general livestock sack is really cute}:

Give us some feedback as quick as you can as we may be scheduling our sewing day for this weekend! 
Do you like the red handles or would black be better?

$10 and one of the bags could be yours! 
Save the grain sacks from the Dumpster! :)


  1. You two are so industrious! The bags are super cute! Either color strap looks good.

  2. Of course I'd buy a grain sack from you! :)

    They're cute and creative and unique!! Maybe, just maybe it'd help me remember to take it to the grocery store?

    I bet everyone on NW 23rd Street will want one too!
    Way to go-I love a great idea!!
    xox you have any horse ones for Jillian? :)

  3. Very neat idea - great way to "upcycle"!
    I may have to think of something creative to do with our leftover feed bags.

    Sweet friend, I'm blogging again!
    Hope you stop by soon.

    Love ya,