Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fair, Food, J.Crew, & Pictures

Hey!  Are you enjoying your summer?  It is finally here; oh sweet 80 degree days.  I tried to stay away from blogging, honestly, but like a moth to the flame, a dog to its vomit, Peyton to blueberries, I am back here blogging.  I can't help it, if I'm going to do it, I have to keep it somewhat consistent, one of my character flaws/traits! :)
According to my husband, I am not only consistent, but you can liken me to... a laxative.  Uh-huh.  He gave me the sweetest compliment, "Baby {he didn't actually say baby, but inserting for effect}, you are like a laxative, you get things moving.".  Say what??!! 
I stirred the pot/ got things moving with some of our business dealings, so that was his original way of telling me, "good job!".  David!  It was a week for compliments because the little man told me, "Mama, I like your toes, I like your eyes, I like your whole body."  I must keep him around!     
Now, pictures...
The little man asleep after coming to bed with us one night. 
It seems we end up rescuing quite a few critters from our window wells; this year we've rescued a baby robin multiple times and then this "ginormous" bullfrog.  Paytay carried him around for a while before releasing him in the blueberry field.
I have been picking lots of blueberries, filling orders, and I'm thankful for the opportunity, albeit unconventional, to earn money. We are on the 2nd picking of the Dukes now, and you can still put in your orders.

It seems like we hardly go to town, but we did make it in for the Fair and the kids were smitten with all the animals.  For me, the most memorable part was standing up to nurse Julia in a sweltering outhouse- gee sh, the things we do, huh?! :-)

Moving quickly to food...
I really love these chicken salad sandwiches in the summer; yum!
A nice no-cook recipe for summertime!
We consumed the last of our strawberries.
Did you know you can freeze your leftover whipped cream?  You simply line a cookie sheet with waxed paper, pour it in mounds onto the lined baking sheet, freeze, and transfer to an airtight container.  Thaw it for about 5 minutes before you want to use it. 
The good stuff, when you need it, without the mess!
Popum and Nanny came down for a visit and she made a scrumptious chocolate cake.  Must get the recipe to make and share!
Nanny taught me this trick and it works great.  If you're like me and don't own a salad spinner {you know, it is just one more thing to store}, you can wrap your lettuce in a dish towel, take it outside and spin around.  The kids thought it was pretty entertaining, but it does the trick!
I've snapped a few father son pictures lately.
My dad and oldest brother, Zach working together:
David and his dad putting a roof on the play structure:

Daddy & Paytay making Paytay fly

Baby Jules
The little nuts in the garden- O holding up a carrot for me to see..
Let me introduce you to my J.Crew wannabe watch.  I need to wear a watch.  I don't carry my cell phone around, so a watch is a must.  I love the J.Crew watches, but not the price.  My mom had the idea to pick up a Timex watch {you can find them most anywhere} and buy the J.Crew band to go on it.  You can snag the J.Crew watch bands, on sale, starting at $6.99-- cheap!  What other jewelry do you need besides earrings and a cute watch?!
The J.Crew Timex watches sell for between $100-$200.  

Daddy + the slip 'n slide= soap and mega-speed.  Daddy drenched the slide with dish soap,
then their bottoms! :)
Look who's also on the move! 
She began crawling and acts like she just might stand up and start walking; the little nut has balance!  She pulls up onto everything and has already got some bumps and bruises to prove it.

She is irresistible, I tell you!
One of the first things she did, upon gaining mobility, was crawl into her closet and examine her shoes.

I found her asleep like this one evening.

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