Saturday, August 20, 2011

End of August Update

Hold onto your hats, this is a long post/update.  I divided the pictures into three sections {kids, farm, and house} to help organize it, but it is still obscenely long!  Venture forward if you must... :)
1. Pictures of the little nuts playing

Peyton takes after his Grampy and loves the dryer vent {the very same spot my dad sat under as a kid!}.

Jules enjoying some blackberries on our walk. 
2. Farm Pictures
The guys have been putting in very long hours, nightfall doesn't even stop them!

3. Home Pictures
Do some cupboards make you smile when you open them? 
The new peanut butter Snickers make me smile, too.  I have a 3-every-day rule with chocolate.:)
These Popsicles make the kids smile.  I love that they are so healthy.  I made them with Greek yogurt, banana, blueberries, raspberries, a touch of honey, and one scoop of my "healthy mix".
Healthy mix consists of: powdered kelp, brewers yeast, flax seed, and wheat germ.
I found these cute bags at Winco in the summer clearance section and put the R and horse on them.  They are nice for taking to the pond, etc.
David and I got away for a date night in the middle of harvest thanks to my sister's organization and gentle prodding!:)  She came to the farm and watched the nuts while we got away for dinner; we had such a good time.  Leave it to a girl who is nine months pregnant to make it happen.:)  Thank you, Rich & Leah!!
Recent portraits of the little nuts {I should probably ask JCPenney if I can share!}

New summer pictures for the frames before summer is over! :)
I tried to make some cute rubber gloves for myself, but still need to finish this project.  I was having trouble with the pleats and had to walk away/dig a hole! :)
In the process of cleaning out my candle cupboard for a garage sale, I put some forgotten candle holders to use by making cake stands out of them with glass plates.  My sis-in-law did this for their wedding reception and I thought they were so pretty. 

The candle cupboard is also the doily cupboard, so I put all my doilies to use as a table runner {tacked them together with thread}.  I saw the idea a while back and loved it.
Making jam is usually a winter project, but for some reason I decided to empty out my berries from the freezer and make 55+ pints of jam... yikes!  I have plenty for gifts now! :)

That is a little of what we have been up to! 
Good night and God bless!