Feed my Soul & Dig a Hole

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A couple thoughts...

I've been thinking lately about how I am feeding my soul.  When the days are long or when they're tough right out of the chute, what do I turn to, how do I feed my soul?  When I receive the worst of news or I'm feeling a little lonely, do I reach for a Lindor truffle or the phone?  Do I look for an encouraging e-mail/blog comment or maybe just a little "me time"?   There are so many "good" things , but what is best?  The answer is simple, but not always chosen... CHRIST ALONE!   I don't want to feed my soul with fluff, or turn to anyone/anything, besides Christ!  My mindset is transformed, I am renewed as I offer up my sacrifice of praise, rock out to worship music with the little nuts or meditae on His word.  I will tell you this, He never disappoints me, He comes and feeds my soul!

Dig a Hole.  Wisdom from Nanny.  My mom shared this wisdom from Nanny with me when I was telling her about trying to keep up with our large garden and/or not getting some leftovers used up.  She said sometimes you just have to dig a hole to keep peace.  Isn't this so true?  You can apply this philosophy to forgiveness and so many other things in life, don't beat yourself up, move on, and Dig a Hole! :)

I plan to be back soon with pictures and a bunch of other "miscellaneous"!   


  1. R~
    Is it wrong to say Y-O-U feel my soul too!?! :)

    The timing and content of this post was uncanny.

    I love-love your wisdom and your "real-ness", and hearing tidbits from sweet Nanny always warms my heart, what a blessing.

    You have no idea how this touched my heart today...I will work to draw from this...

    I love you so much Rachel-you are so special to me...


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