Goodbye, Hadiah!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This week we said goodbye to our Arabian gelding, Hadiah {Hadiah means "gift"}.  My parents bought him when I was twelve, and had him for seventeen years.  He was rightly named, a couple from our church won him in a drawing at a computer store. :) After my parents bought him, I began taking riding lessons at the barn where was boarded, and thus it began.  I was introduced to amazing trainers, the world of reigning and horse shows, and very importantly, a discipline/hobby, I could pursue during those awkward junior high years. 

Hadiah was full of spunk and personality and was about as smart as they come.  He was so well-trained, it got to where all I had to do was shift my weight in the saddle or go to pick up the reigns, and he was doing it.  I had the pleasure of giving a handful of sweet little girls riding lessons on him a few years back, and he was always so gentle and good for them.  My mom had a very special spot in her heart and he knew it. :)   

His health has been deteriorating and the vet did not have a good prognosis for him, so he was put down this week.
We are sad and will miss you, Hadiah!  You were a good boy!  I am pulling on my boots this week to ride.  It has been too long.

A couple pictures of pictures of him and I... 

my trainer, Hadiah, and I 

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