Friday, August 31, 2012

A little random Friday bloggin'

If I were to have a conversation on the phone with my sis tonight {oops, fell asleep and didn't get it posted}, this is probably some of the stuff I'd tell her, minus the pictures.
First, some Pictures via Instagram, with captions, to explain what the heck they are!
BLTE season!  The tomatoes in the garden are finally ripe!
The little nuts enjoying their lunch with Daddy in the hunting trailer:
Also from the garden...
Sweet little baby girl's foot in my hand; her babyhood is going by so fast.  I want to soak in all the moments, like how her foot fits so perfectly in my hand.
My prayer and heart's cry is to rely on Jesus more and more to give me inspiration as a wife, Mom, ETC.!  He is SO faithful to hear us and give wisdom!
The picture below is a note and favorite snack for my awesome helper:
I had a wonderful "aha moment" in figuring out how to motivate this little man to want to really dig into his school work.  He is only three {almost four}, so I am not expecting a lot, but I also don't want it to be a battle.  He is incredibly smart and meticulous, so it is just a matter of lighting a fire for learning.  I have been tying his learning into being smart like his Daddy and being able to do farming things; he has made significant progress!
Miss O starting taking piano lessons with her Auntie Deb this summer:
Our beautiful view from the front yard:
An adorable outfit for baby boy:
Now, for some random things that I am thankful to have learned and have to tell Leah!  The first two are courtesy of my Mom.  First, I have observed over the years, how my Mom has done an incredible amount of laundry, yet, never seems to be bogged down by it.  Well, I know her secret now.  She doesn't let it pile up!  She is constantly pulling something out of the dryer and pressing it on her pull down ironing board  {I am going to have one someday :-)}.  I have been doing this the last few months and it works like a charm!  I hardly notice I am washing, ironing, or putting clothes away because it is just part of the day and it isn't a staggering amount.
I keep these two bins on my dryer for clothes to put away, and clothes to iron, and since they aren't very large, I couldn't let it pile up if I wanted to.
Second, my Mom told me she uses a disposable razor on her callouses on her feet in the shower and I don't know why she didn't tell me this 10 years ago.  Seriously, it works so well!
Finally, I am sure I am the last person to know this, but it really does pay to call your phone provider.  I called to see about getting caller id before school commences, and they gave me a cheaper rate on our Internet just for calling!  We now have long-distance, call waiting, and caller id, and for only $.40 more a month than what we were paying!  What?!  He did say that it will go up $5 after one year, but if I call, I can see what promotions they are running next year.
Happy Friday, friends!  Thanks for listening to my pointless babbling like only a good sister does! :-)

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  1. Not pointless babbling!!! I love hearing about all your tidbits! I can't believe how fast Julia is growing up and how she is turning into such a sweet little lady. I love the little note for Olivia, those are the special things she will remember! Such a thoughtful Mama! And can you make me a BLTE soon?! ; )