Thursday, August 9, 2012

Recount and Retell

I loved last Sunday's message at church, Win at Joy.

We were challenged to pulsate with praise {don't you love that} and to recount and retell what God has done in our lives!

This may not be the biggest miracle in my life thus far, but I believe it was definitely a miracle and worth noting and giving praise for!  So, I mentioned the whole episode with my eye and the miserable seven days I spent with that whole ordeal.  Well, it had only been a couple days since recovering from that week, I fell down the stairs carrying sleeping baby Julia and sprained my ankle really bad.  I heard something crack, and I don't know when I have felt more intense pain {and I've been through natural childbirth three times :-)}.  I starting shaking all over; it was bad.  We were at my parent's house when it happened, and it was minutes after they got me into the chair, that my Dad had everyone gather around to pray and he anointed my head with oil.  You know how the bible tells us, "The first thing I want you to do is pray..." 1 Timothy 2  Very cool, Dad!

I wore a boot cast for a week and a hard brace for another week, but it was supposed to be a month of recovery {the doctor said it was a second degree sprain} and I really believe God did a miraculously fast healing in my foot/ankle.  He also protected baby boy and Julia.  I was so beyond blessed by family and friends who rallied around us, checked on us, ETC. so I could rest and heal that first week.   

Thank you for your grace, love, care, protection, and blessing, Jesus!!!  Check out the link above for a powerful, encouraging word!  Way to go, Jerushah!


  1. wow Rachel this is so powerful! I am so pleased to hear that your babies are ok after the fall - that was my first thought How is your baby boy?? God does amazing things and I so appreciate all of your words you share!

    ♥ Ashley

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  2. Thank you Jesus for the miracles of protection and healing. So glad you're getting back to "normal" :)