Monday, August 20, 2012

I Love Summer

I love and look forward to summer: the sun and fresh air and different activities it brings.  I also love the exciting season it is on the farm.  Just stop to look at the trail dust behind a tractor, the towers of straw bales stacked neatly in fields, tractors working in unison- it is all so beautiful.  While I'm not involved on a full-time basis working on the farm, I still love the satisfaction of helping out: filling blueberry orders, and helping prepare meals for the guys working long hours.  The last month or so has not been normal with being down with my eye for a week, then my ankle, and most recently, our whole family had the stomach flu.  Crazy stuff!  We have enjoyed summer, but I'm ready to get back to enjoying it again before it is gone.

Sweet Girl was helping me with some blueberry orders and I thought it was time she learned to drive.  After all, she is six now!
What a pro!
P-man has spent hours working with his Daddy and is becoming a wealth of knowledge about all things farm.  You would think a three-year-old would have a limit to how many hours he could ride in a tractor, but the little man does not tire of it.  He insists on getting the field finished and comes back from 'work' beaming!
Hauling peas with Grampy
Peter Pippin of Great Britain, Olga Bolga of the Ukraine, and Analee of the U.S. at the Olympics this year:
Buck bringing the dock in for us: 
Jules is getting so grownup, but I am savoring these last few months of her as the baby.
As you can see, she is quite independent, helping herself to blueberries, putting on her own shoes, and learning to be a little mommy with cousin Josiah.

This is me now; we are getting close.  Baby boy is due in October.
I made some bow ties for him and his older brother last week.
I'll end this quickly with some random shots.
Olivia's clothes line she made with her jump rope.
 A tired girl
My hardworking, adorable Mama
hardworking, adorable son
Olivia making kimchi with Aunt Holly
 Excuse me, I must finish getting down with the laminator for homeschool prep before getting OUTSIDE!

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