Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday hello/update via Instagram

Happy first Friday in August!  Goodness, how did it get here so fast?!
Popping in to share some pictures.  Love to you all!

Picking, eating, selling, and freezing blueberries.

Milestones... moving to a big girl bed

Big girl hair, which had to be trimmed shortly after this pic. 
hello, mullet #3 :-) {still waiting for hair on top}

Christmas shopping {I try to start early}
Being goofy, spending time with family, making memories

Yummy treats
Mason jar sippers
{punch a hole or two in a canning lid, stick a straw through, and screw on a lid... viola!}

Peach pancakes... I love!

Enjoying beautiful scenery... Jock and Lakota
Finally, I was tagged by my sis to share 5 random facts about myself via Instagram, which was surprisingly kinda fun!

All via Instagram

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  1. Loved the post, as usual. Loved the fun facts about you, I had no idea about some of them. Good for you!!