Thursday, October 11, 2012


Why we should be wary of technology- an excellent post!!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Away With It

There is this tugging force, pulling at all ages from all angles. It's the need to be accessible at any time, the need to plug in anywhere and to access anything. It's something that started as a positive tool for our future, but turned into an addictive addition to our families which is a silent threat to most things good.
It's the Internet. But more specifically, it's smart phones, it's Facebook, it's Pinterest, it's blogs, it's Youtube and dating sites, it's Twitter, Instagram and all the cool sites I don't even know of yet, but it's out there and it's consuming.
I can't point a finger as we have the internet and I am on Facebook. I use my blog on a regular basis. I have been at times so tempted to head to Pinterest and sign that iPhone or iPad, because I know just how "handy" they can be. But the truth is, for me personally, they will do little to help me and more just to destroy the small amount of time I have to raise these:
Sure, it's not the end of the world. But from my perspective, the world was a better place without them. I thank the internet for hours of research done on my family's health. I thank the internet for directions and how to's on building things and sewing things.

But I strongly dislike the internet for increasing my weaknesses. My needs for things that have no value.
I can be a bit obsessive. It's alarming to me because my firstborn most definitely has that trait. If you give him any form of technology, he becomes fanatical, obsessive, annoying...

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  1. That was a bit convicting, challenging and encouraging too. Good to check in with myself now and then and evaluate my priorities and how I show my value to others with my time too!