Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sweet Conviction

I thought I would share something that God has recently put on my heart.  I am hoping, really praying, that if you are in this place or someday find yourself in this place, God will use me, and this little post to plant a seed.   

I am so very blessed in love and marriage, and I've come to understand that God has so much more for us.  During David's hunting trip I read the devotion about how Paul viewed the hard things he encountered in his life as "light and momentary troubles".  During that sweet quiet time, Christ revealed to me hurts I had been holding onto that I had let become great in my heart, especially when viewed through the lens of "light and momentary".  It doesn't matter what they were, because they were still just "light and momentary troubles"!
I love how the Holy Spirit touches your heart and everything is suddenly very clear and simple.  I don't think I was even aware of the transformation that had taken place until he was home.
I see now that so many of my interactions with my husband were more like transactions.  What was he doing or could he be doing for me?  Regardless of whether I ever voiced the wants {more like marching orders!}, they were in my heart, and could be detected in my demeanor.  No, they are not sinful in and of themselves, but it was the heart/motivation of them: striving, always expecting.  Actually, the other extreme was true as well: I am independent, I can do it all.

When he steps in the door, he is the king coming home; how had I neglected that?  Where was the absolute delighting in him, laughing with him, listening to him, and caring for him?
Do you know how much better it is to give your all, do it with joy, and without the expectation of what you will get in return?  It is incredibly energizing and possible with Christ!  The opposite leaves you drained and seeing your lack. 
As I have let go, God has been so gracious!  We are on the same team and having a really good time!  It is locking eyes from across the room and laughing about something, taking that extra step to look out for the other one, and so forth.  Way more fun!  I don't want anything to come between us: bad attitude, fatigue, busyness, hurt, preoccupation, kids, you name it!  I love the tenderness, strong connectedness, and newness of love between us. 

I am reminded of this verse, 1 Peter 5:8 "Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." 
Of course, the devil would like nothing better than to come between us.  I am sharing this as I think it is a common trap mothers fall into.  When you are first married, your whole heart and soul go into loving and caring for your husband, but as you add in a few kids, and life gets more busy, your attention is divided and it is to easy to forget the most important person, job!

I have many thoughts swimming around in my head regarding this topic, and it is hard to know which ones to put into this post, but thankfully the Holy Spirit is a way better communicator than me!:-) 

Hallelujah, He make all things new!  May God bless you this day!


  1. Oh Rach! I feel like this was written for me! I have been totally doing that and this truly has renewed me and given me a whole new perspective. The Holy Spirit does reach us in unexpected ways! Thank you for sharing this! What would I do without my big sissy and her wisdom and advice?!
    Love you!

  2. That was right on the money.. thank you for sharing!!