Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Counting Down the Days 'Til Baby

~Morning snuggles with my baby giril~
It won't be much longer now, baby boy is due in just two weeks.  The months have really flown by.  The last few weeks have been sweet: enjoying special time with the little nuts, as well as attending to last minute details before "he" comes.  Yes, he is still referred to as "baby boy"; I think we might pick out the name at the hospital this time around!  I was freaking out that we hadn't made a decision a couple months ago {OK, maybe just last month}, but I've since swallowed a big chill pill.  He will be named sooner or later!
Instagram sums up a lot of what we've been up to.
New slippers for their baby brother to give them at the hospital:
I slowly piece their birthday parties together, so slowly that I usually overlook some major details while planning the small, fun details.  LOL!  The little man's birthday is next week!  I am decorating his cake with the following and the toys will be his to keep.
She is obsessed with the Little House on the Prairie series.  As I read the books to them, she is going back and re-reading everything multiple times.  She has been wanting to get her baking and sewing groove on.  This week she made us lunch out of her kid's cookbook: chicken Caesar salad with homemade croutons and dressing!  She was so very proud as was I!
I am falling back on some old methods for helping coax baby out as well as trying some new ones.
Raw pineapple?
We can hardly wait to meet you little man!


  1. So excited for your new lil one to come out and meet his sweet family, he is already very blessed!! Praying for a great L&D for you. Winco just had pineapple for 1.98 in case you need more :)

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah!! You are such a sweet friend! Must get to Winco:-)

  2. So excited to get the news of baby boy's arrival!! :) Love you!