Thursday, November 18, 2010

Laugh with Me

One of my brothers (his identity he asked I keep anonymous, so I will for the first few lines of this post... ha, ha), took me on a charged labor march yesterday.  He pushed me and had me laughing the whole way.
He is now considering a career change to a personal trainer for inducing labor.  He even came up with a name for his new business while on our march,
"Patrick Unger's School for Having It"  PUSH IT

What did his regime include?
Hypothermia treatment (walking in high winds and heavy precipitation)
Climbing in and out of ditches
The gentle bounce walk
The gentle skip
Straddle/waddle walk
Side step, cross over
High knees
and more!

His measure for success on the walk was, "Are you uncomfortable?".  He had a constant stream of gut-busting oneliners when he wasn't telling me to, "push it".   You can imagine how funny we (I) looked doing the aforementioned drills in the pouring down rain at 9 months pregnant. :):)  Hopefully we'll see how successful we were in a few days or so and let me know if you require his services in the future!


  1. Nice job Patrick! You guys are troopers to be doing this in yesterdays weather. It was so terrible outside!

  2. You are so brave!! Hope it works, cause if it does I might have to copy your regime in a few months!