Friday, November 12, 2010


This is a post for me to remember my neurotic behavior waiting for our little nut to arrive.  I will get a kick out of this some day.  I have this annoying habit of thinking that my babies should not only not be late or even on time, but EARLY!  Peyton obliged me and Olivia came on her due date, and God only knows with Julia!  I wonder if she wants to be a Turkey baby?   
I thought she might be coming on Monday, but God's timing is way better than mine.  David was under the weather that evening and my sister has been fighting a cold all week.  
I've also been able to work on business stuff and so many other little things.

While we've been waiting this week, I have had the need to keep my fridge cleaned out.  Yup.  Nothing can go to waste while we're in the hospital for a couple days.  My mom gently reminded me that the food would not go bad in so short a time, but that line of thinking is way too reasonable, Mom.  :)   
I  have been emptying the garbage and compost daily.  Making sure every article of clothing is laundered, ironed and put away.  Somehow all the little things make me feel prepared.  I have felt patient and peaceful until yesterday; I was feeling a bit grumpy going up the very large hill on our 4 mile walk (we are calling it the labor march).  I never said I was patient when it comes to surprises!:)   
Let's see... other odd behavior?  I've already removed all my fall decor (goodbye pumpkin plates) to have a clean slate for Christmas.  It is a good thing we aren't hosting Thanksgiving this year.:)
The weather has turned chilly and we are getting inspired for Christmas with Christmas music, flannel sheets, cinnamon pine cones, and flavored coffee creamer.  Now I just need some Christmas decor, right?
As we're on the topic of cooler weather, I wanted to share these fire starters we heard about through Dan K.  You make them with dryer lint, egg cartons and old candles.  I guess my Uncle Robb has made them for years and they work great!  I can see making them as a family for some winter entertainment.  What?  Don't you sit around the table in the winter and make fire starters or crack walnuts for fun?  He, he!  My sister had us laughing when we were making all the salsa together a little while back.  She said her in-laws go golfing or get a pedicure for fun, but not us, we make salsa for hours!  
What you will need for the fire starters is pictured below (link above provides the instructions for making them).  
Julia, your brother,
 and Daddy and Mama are patiently waiting for you (ahem).


  1. And your Auntie Elisa is waiting too! Can't wait to meet you at Thanksgiving. (please be here by then)

  2. Gosh we are so much alike! I was the same way waiting for Evelette and she was four days late! So you can imagine!!! I am so happy you are so prepared it makes me feel better for you, like I need reassurance!!!!

    P.S. I know you are twiddling your thumbs haha but don't forget my lamp! I know it will be months and months before I will get another favor out of you! ; )
    I sure love you Rachel! You are such an incredible Mama and I look up to you so much!

  3. That is great you are so on top of things, you will appreciate it when you are on your way home from the hospital. Praying she comes soon and you have a fabulous labor and delivery!! Hope you keep having fun waiting with all your projects and going on your labor march!

  4. This is a special time of year. I can't help but feel tenderly toward Julia since we will share somewhat close birthdays. So.... just try and keep her in till at least the 20th o.k....... HA! HA!