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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've really enjoyed getting to see the defined workings of the farm since we moved out here last winter. I have more appreciation for how my family runs such an extensive, successful operation. It never seemed that remarkable to me that three of my brothers farm with my Dad, but it is actually quite impressive.

How many families work together and still like each other? :) I am so thankful for a family that loves each other, but more than that, a family that puts Christ first!

Like I said, I've enjoyed getting to see how everything works and what everyone does, so I thought you might like a little introduction as well!

My Dad followed in his Dad's footsteps and has been farming on his own since 1975, although he considers that he's been farming for 50 years (he said he started when he was 5).  He farms 1,750 acres. My Dad absolutely loves and cares for the land. He has always been a hands-on farmer; he is a passionate farmer. I remember his child-like excitement throughout the years as he'd been digging around in his new fields watching the crops come up and describing the plants as "cute". His knowledge and intelligence is sought out and he fastidiously instructs his employees or whoever wants to learn. His mark of perfection can be detected everywhere. My mom loves the farm just as much as he does and they are an unstoppable team.

Meet my oldest brother, Zach.
Zach is second in command. He has been farming full time for 10 years, but he's actually been driving tractor since he was 12. He is the king of the shop and the best mechanic. Do not put something where it does not belong, because you will experience his wrath.:) My dad appreciates his attention to detail. He is a proud new father and an adoring husband to his incredible wife.

Daniel heads up the care of the blueberries. You will find him meticulously spraying and caring for them. He has been farming full time since he graduated from college 4 years ago. He has an accounting degree and puts his skills to use in the office. He does the payroll along with a wide array of other office work. Daniel recently got engaged to one of the most kind, thoughtful people I have ever met. She is such a doll! Their wedding is set for November. Congratulations Daniel!

Patrick will have completed his first year working full time on the farm this fall after graduating with a business degree last year. He too has worked many summers on the farm. Most recently he has learned to operate the excavator. He spent a lot of time hauling grain this last winter and is one of the key combine operators during the harvest. He also does a fair amount of excavation work. He married his beautiful bride last October and they are an amazing couple.

Amos has worked on the farm for 7 years. A more faithful, capable employee you could not find. He is a farmer through and through, like my Dad and brothers, and wears many hats. He will begin learning the monumental job of spraying the fields (taking over for my Dad) this next year, and there is no doubt he'll do exceptional. He also just got married this last spring and they were a match made in heaven!

Dan (Amos' brother) has been at the business of farming for 7 years as well. He is also going to school to become a missionary pilot. He runs the berry picking machine during harvest and runs spot spraying, trimming crews throughout the year. He is fluent in Spanish (as is Amos) and he is indispensable to the farm. He also got married to a lovely lady last year! I tell you, there has been an epidemic of marriages!

Ricardo knows very little English, but communicates so much with his beaming smile! He is a joy to be around and I cannot believe his work ethic. Remarkable. He traps the moles and gophers that threaten to invade and destroy every field with great attentiveness.

Nathan (my youngest brother) works some during the school year and full time during the summer. He will be a junior this year! He too works on the berry picking machine and fills fresh market orders. He is learning the ropes and is usually a right hand man to Dan.

David also works when he can and is a farmer to his very core!
Last AND least, me! I work part-time where I am needed (office work, projects, etc.).

I applaud the work each of you do and I am honored to witness how you do it! You each have your areas of expertise, but I love how everyone jumps in to make such a beautiful farm! Way to go family!

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  1. What a great post! I love that so many of our family members get to work there! We are so blessed!


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