Save the Fish!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What do you do at the end of a work day? Save fish!
The unusually wet spring caused the spillway to go over at the pond, so fingerlings were trapped on the other side of the boards in a puddle of water.

They would have perished if left there, so my Dad and Rich scooped up and saved as many as they could (100s?).

The kids enjoyed getting to see them up close.

Unfortunately, we were not able to save the cabin at the other pond.
The roof collapsed this winter and it is time to rebuild. The cabin was built by my Dad's brothers 50 years ago. It was a retreat to my Dad's siblings growing up, and has stored many a pond toy over the years.The sentimental structure will be missed!


  1. That last picture is such a classic shot!

  2. So sad about the cabin! Once again amazing pics Rach!!!! Love you!

  3. I have lots of fun memories of playing in that old cabin!


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