What's in a Name?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It didn't take long to decide on a name for this little nut once we found out the sex.  We have chosen the name, Julia Bright for our little girl!  I wish I was cool and could wait to surprise everyone, but I'm not!!:) 
Julia is after my Mom, Julianne.  You already know how precious my mom is and hence why we are overjoyed to honor her.  
Bright is after my great, great, great, grandmother, Louisa Bright.  I have loved that name since I was a little girl, and even considered naming this girl Louisa, but we're saving the name if we have another girl someday.  I love how happy, and hopeful the name is.  Bright was actually her last name, but we think it makes a pretty cute middle name.
We love you, little Julia!


  1. Oh what a precious babe! I absolutely LOVE the name!

  2. Perfect beautiful name!
    Can't wait to meet her.

  3. Very special, love the name and meanings! She is blessed already!

  4. What a sweet sweet name for a sweet little nut! I can't wait to see her beautiful face!

  5. LOVE the name! Nanny told me all about it. ;)


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