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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here are a few scenes from this last week!  I know I am overdoing it with the pictures, but we have family who lives far away (Hi, Elisa and the rest of you!).  Furthermore, I hope this will serve as a journal of sorts for us someday!
So, we harvested peas out of the garden last week and picked lots and lots of blueberries!  Once we harvested the peas, David tilled them in (they are a great legume) and we are planting spinach- yum!
Monday was Papa's Graveside Service
Olivia with cousin William
Playing at Grandpa & Grammy's house afterwards.
Tuesday- more birthday celebrating!
Wednesday- cousin Annalee's softball tournament!
Friday and beyond-more cousin time! 
Lauren & Olivia

Peyton at the GW (we go every time they come down)
Lauren & Ella- they are so much fun!


  1. So fun! Thanks for sharing! Love you!

  2. Lol love all these pics! Especially funny Peyton faces and Lauren and Ella on the tramp! Love you!


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