Tips from Nanny

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As promised, here are some wonderful tips from my wise Nanny!

  • When using a public restroom, always proceed to the stall farthest from the entrance door. These stalls are used less, and thus stay cleaner, longer.
  • Combat ring around the collar, just pre-treat it with a small bead of hair shampoo and then wash as usual.
  • We all have lint rollers in our car, right?  Well I discovered that when enjoying a coffee in our travels I'm always dropping a few sips/ drips on my chest. So to eliminate that problem, just tear off 2 - 4 roller sheets and stick them on the target areas of your shirt. Works great. Do remember to remove them before entering the market. :-}  I bet this would work well for little ones too!
  • My grandma always had a jar of water siting by her sink which she put the cracked egg shells to soak then she poured that calcium enriched water on her house plants.
  • FEATHER BED Grandma Cable would heat a brick on her wood cook stove, wrap it in warm flannel , and put it under the covers of her feather bed , on a cold winter night. to keep my toes toasty warm.
Thank you, Nanny!  I love you dearly and I'm so thankful for all the wisdom you have imparted over the years!

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  1. Oh love these tips from Nanny! I haven't heard many of these, so I am so glad you shared them!!



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