Friday, July 23, 2010

"The Girl's Room" is becoming the "Girls' Room"

My faithful sister came last Friday morning and helped me get ready for baby!  You are the best, Leah!!  We moved furniture around and put together a bed canopy for the big sister.  Olivia and Julia will be sharing a room just as soon as the little nut arrives! 

I wanted Olivia to have a little desk area all her own, and I told my mom what I was looking for.  She found it within 2 days at the G.W. for $9.99!  Wow!  What a blessing!  Olivia loves her new space and of course Mama painted it pink for her!

I thought I would have to move out Olivia's dresser to make room for baby, but after doing a little measuring, realized it was just the right size for a changing table (you can see a glimpse of it in the reflection of the mirror above)! 
It was a very simple transformation after removing some things from her room, organizing the closet differently and implementing underbed storage.  Phew!
I'll post a few more pictures after we move the crib in (Peyton will be giving it up soon so everyone has a few months to adjust to their new sleeping arrangements).  I'd like for only one little nut to be waking up during the middle of the night!:)

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  1. LOVE how the room turned out and with the crib moved in there, wih the new cute sheets you got it is going to be perfect! So excited, it's getting closer!!!!