Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Her Story"

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 
I'm taking advantage of a quiet house and sleeping babies to document a few things about Julia's birth while the details are still fresh in my mind, and before the holidays are completely upon us. 
First, we are having too much fun.  Daddy is home with us today and we woke up to a dusting of snow, a crackling fire, and three precious babes.  This holiday week could not feel any more surreal.    
  Olivia and I put up some Christmas decorations on Saturday evening.  I couldn't wait any longer to put out my reindeer that I got after Christmas last year.  I also made a feather wreath with feathers from my sister's stash (thanks, Leah!).  
It was pretty fun coming home to "Christmas".
My water broke around 10:30 p.m. as we were getting ready for bed.  We started preparing for the hospital and got checked in by 1 a.m.  Our sweet baby girl was born 4 hours later. 
I wouldn't put the words "easy" and "labor" next to each other, but it was certainly the fastest labor yet and I feel so blessed by the smooth delivery.  She was the first baby born that day.  Her arrival was accompanied by a wintry weather mix. 
Her sister adores her (and brother too).
We got home yesterday around lunch and the kids had made a huge welcome home sign.
 She makes the sweetest noises, has an adorable dimple and has already stolen our hearts.
I want to share more, but the little man just woke up, so I have to run! ~All our love


  1. I feel the same way about my snow baby! It really is a beautiful memory to be tucked snug in your cozy house holding your new little baby. I hope your first days are peaceful and joyful!

  2. So glad Julia has joined your family! I will hope for a 4 hour labor too, thats fantastic!! She is so precious and you look fantastic already. Hope you are spoiled this holiday season with lots of love and great food.. be blessed!