Monday, November 8, 2010

Still Here

Good Morning!  Yes, we're still here, but hopefully not for long (one can hope, right?).  This is a quick post to say hello and to share some pictures from this weekend.  Popum and Nanny came down last week and we enjoyed some special time with the great-grandparents. 
I told Olivia a while back about Nanny's famous pancakes and she has been dying to try some.  Nanny can make just about anything- dinosaurs, Mickey Mouse, initials, tractors, etc. 
Butterfly pancake
 Popum and Peyton reading
I think I might see a little family resemblance here (big round head and brown eyes... he, he)

Peyton enjoying his tractor pancake.
My classy grandma at 8 a.m. in her leopard pajamas and pearls!
We love you, Popum and Nanny!

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