Saturday, October 6, 2012

What you expect

Awake bright and early to "hunt" in the yard
I really have to wake up early or stay awake in the evenings these days if I want to do a little journal/blogging!  I am starting to wonder if Instagram will take the place of blogging or at least diminish it?  I'm sure it won't completely take its place, but it is definitely convenient.  I have completely fallen off the FB wagon minus the occasional e-mail I get to confirm a friend, but Instagram I have been doing. 
School, parenting, fall weather, life is not always what you expect.  It seems to be a theme right now.  School?  I expected it to be harder than it has been, and there are challenges, but I have been pleasantly surprised with our transition from summer to homeschool.  Yes, we have a little one coming this month, which will necessitate some adjustments, but I have greater confidence that we can do adjustments.:-)  I read a helpful book, borrowed from a sweet friend, about planning and being flexible with homeschool {to make your plans, seek God and ask for his wisdom, and be ready to do something different when it isn't working}.  The most important thing I need to remember is seek Him! 
I laminated, put magnetic strips on the back of these chore charts and hung them on our fridge.  There are a lot of different options for chore charts out there, but this format is perfect right now! 
I expected more resistance to "school", but this little guy does amazing.  He does a few pages a day, plays, and for the most part has a really good attitude and wants to learn.  Thank you, Jesus! 
I knew my oldest would be a hard worker and love the "store incentives", and learning, but there are those days when she'd just rather pretend horses or anything else.  It's so not fair to post this picture of her needing to adjust her 'tude, but she is still cute, and such is life, right?!  Picture her working hard and smiling most of the time.
Exploration/Science Outside Day
Waiting in line to use their "Rydman Bucks" on Store Day!
One of my biggest concerns was starting on time every day, but perhaps because it is a priority, it has gone surprisingly well.  We do make exceptions, though, like when something like this is going on and I dare not disturb!
Walking/Exploring After Homeschool
My goodness, the weather.  It has been warm and in the upper 70s and 80s with a slight feel of fall in the early mornings and evenings.  I find myself lighting a scented candle, and opening the windows to cool off the house.  It is already the first week of October, fall decorations are up, but we were still playing in the kitty pool at the beginning of the week. 
The "woodsy" pencils on the desk feel like fall to me.
Green pumpkin from Target's $1 section on the coffee table:
I really love this book!
A rustic box filled with whatever fall stuff I had on hand.

We are officially saying hello to fall with the first pumpkin bars of the season made for our first home group/bible study of the season!
I really wondered if baby boy was going to make an early arrival last week.  I had 2 days of regular, strong contractions, which prompted me to quickly pack a bag, vacuum the car, and clean a few more light fixtures.  I was a little concerned about him being early, but Baby Center informed me that at the end of this week he was full-term.  Yahoo! 
I am getting ready to put away my maternity uniform and try this "new" wardrobe.
It has been absolutely wonderful having David home.  He worked nights in August, plus days on the farm, and then left for hunting for 10 days.  It was such a hectic time, we hardly saw each other.  It has certainly made me appreciate his being home!  I don't deserve the husband I've been so blessed with.  He puts up with my irrational pregnancy antics, makes me laugh, and still has me feeling all nervous/excited when I see him.  Oh, and is the father to our four babies... CArazy!  This was our song this summer.

I wanted to include some funny things baby girl is saying and doing these days, but time is up, and I'll be back soon with some pictures/quotes. :-)


  1. You have the cutest dressed homeschoolers! Brian and I were just talking about Lincoln logs for the boys. Does Peyton play with them alot?
    Love your instagram pics!

  2. Thank you, K!! :-) We go in seasons, sometimes they play with them a lot and other times not. He has been very interested in making things lately!