Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Happenings

picture with cousin Caedmon after church- the older two trying to keep the younger two from falling down the bark dust hill :-)

I'm sitting down to type this post about Easter with a full and grateful heart for all Christ has done for me; where would I be without His redeeming love and grace?  We heard so many testimonies on Sunday of how lives have been transformed by God's great love, and it moved me to hear how God has shown his love to others and remember all the ways he has shown that same love to me.  I don't deserve to be so blessed, but He has lavished me with love anyway!  I love you, Lord!!
Our little nuts are constantly growing and changing, and not just their pant sizes.  I love having the blog to capture some of it.  Please excuse me as I get mushy-gushy over them before diving into Easter.
Peyton has discovered he likes coffee and he even likes it black.  I gave him the teeniest amount, but he wanted to drink it  a l l  !  The first thing he does in the mornings after running and giving hugs is back up to the wood stove {he'll even head downstairs to park in front of that fire if we don't have one upstairs}.  He is such a delight and has matured so much.  If he "hears" me being sick, he runs from wherever he is to ask if I'm,  "OK".  He tells me all throughout the day and at the most unexpected times that he loves me{like over his shoulder as he's running ahead of me on a walk}.  He loves to snuggle and tell me stories.  He is fascinated right now with dishwashers and pipes and where our water comes from and how it gets there, etc.!  A simple answer is not what he's looking for.  We get down and look and explain, and then Daddy explains some more!  
He picked up some dirt on our walk and was telling me, "this is what Grampy and Daddy do in the fields." 
I guess if you can make a mud ball with the dirt and it doesn't break when you throw it against your boot or something hard, the ground is too wet to farm.
He pays attention and says he's "learnin' from them". 
He's been itching to climb trees.

My sweet firstborn.  Before acquiring a few animals she was very timid around them, but not anymore.  She is the first one to want to do barn chores, and goes out to feed Buck every morning, and often doesn't come back!  I'll look out and see her running around with Buck chasing behind, then a little while later she is yelling and jumping up and down for me to come out and look at all the geese.  I love her appreciation for nature and life  She says she and Sugar are best friends and cares for her so thoughtfully.  She leads her around with such confidence!  Oh, and what a heart for prayer.  She was the one coming in to tuck me in when I've been so sick and to pray for me!  I love to hear her pray and what a help and blessing she is.  She brought in a rock for me yesterday that she found while digging in the garden, and was SO excited.  She said to think of her when I see it and how hard she has worked while I've been sick.  **Insert BIG SMILE!** 
We had two double strollers to push today and she pushed the second stroller faster than an adult up the hills and on the flat to help my Mom.  Sweet, sweet girl!
Julia, Julia.  She has really gone from a baby to a big girl.  Hey, and no bruised forehead for a while!  There is no word she won't try to say and she constantly has us laughing.  Her first sentence was, "Buck go?".  She is quick to give a hug and say sorry if she gets rough while playing.  She can hold her own, too, don't let that sweet smile fool you!  She always wants to be in on the action whether it is brushing the horse, helping with laundry, running to keep up with the kids, she is there.  I know we are going to have a lot of fun this summer!   

The little nuts started off the Easter weekend opening up some treats from Grampy and Nana. 
They were over the moon for the horses!
Here are some of the decorations my sister and I used for our church
Art prints from Jones Design Co. 
Succulents for the tables
Easter Egg Hunt at Church

We soaked up the most beautiful weather over the weekend.  We do not always enjoy warm weather for Easter {ahem}, but this year was spectacular! 
Olivia was teaching Julia how to "pick flowers for Mama" when we got home from the hunt.

Good times at the Easter carnival...
We had new boots waiting for them on Easter morning.
Peyton thought the candy-filled boots were hilarious!
It wasn't very "Eastery", but both SweetP and I were really craving french toast with lots of peanut butter for breakfast!
After church we went to my brother, Zach, and sis-in-law, Erin's for lunch.  We had a wonderful time!
  Julia loved this egg.
Another hunt...
 A long post... sorry, but I tried to warn you.  Luvs!


  1. The boots were too cute and I love the pics you guys took in the booth at the carnival!!!

  2. WOW sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!! It is so fun to learn about how your kids are doing and how precious they really are!! Kids and Pets just go together so well and I am glad to hear that little O is loving her new pony!! I recently acquired my parents miniature horse and he is adjusting to life just fine on our little farm!

    ♥ Ashley


  3. Loved.Every.Word!!! and every photo...such a blessed family you have, Rachel!

    Happy Spring to you!!

  4. so your kiddos look adorable! love the photo booth picts and the pretty succulents!