Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Tuesday Morning y'all!  Here are some pictures I've snapped since my last post! 
~Jules with painted piggies~
~Peyton helping Daddy with some tractor work~

~Jules watching~
I had to trim baby girl's mullet for the 2nd time, which was pretty sad when she hardly has any, but my Mom and sis insisted!:)  It does look much better now.  The little man decided he needed a trim and hacked his bangs off by himself...ahh!  If only they could share some hair! 
~My pregnant belly~ 
I've never taken pregnancy tummy shots and don't plan on doing it now, but I am shocked at how fast I am showing this time.  My doc says your ligaments just know what to do, so you show much sooner?  I am just barely out of my first trimester and already showing- hello fourth baby tummy {and Jules in the corner}! 
~Olivia and Buck playing~
We went to Bend last weekend to visit our new little niece!  Welcome baby Clara and congratulations, Evan and Elisa!  She is so, so beautiful!!!
~Auntie Elisa, Clara and Olivia~
 We also got in some sightseeing on our trip.  David and I were dating the last time we visited the High Desert Museum!  The kids loved all the animals and sights, especially since we just started reading Little House on the Prairie.
Thank you for taking these pictures, Liza and joining us on the trip!
We finished out the weekend eating sushi to celebrate Daddy's birthday.  Happy 33rd Birthday, David!  I love you more than I love sushi!!
Yesterday was beautiful and HOT so we played outside the whole day!

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