Monday, April 30, 2012

I woke up tired

It is never a good thing to wake up and feel tired, but even worse if you are a morning person.  This morning was not very different from every other morning.  I woke up early with David, but after kissing him goodbye, I wanted nothing more than to climb back into my unmade bed.  The house was dark and quiet, the little nuts were sleeping, and I had zero energy, yes, me, morning person, felt beat.  I stood at the dryer pulling out clothes while contemplating my next move {bed or no}, and lifted up a simple prayer for help and strength and energy.  Guess what I read moments later in the devotional, Jesus Calling?

April 30th
When some basic need is lacking- time, energy, money- consider yourself blessed.  Your very lack is an opportunity to latch onto Me in unashamed dependence.  When you begin a day with inadequate resources, you must concentrate your efforts on the present moment.  This is where you are meant to live- in the present; it is the place where I always await you.  Awareness of your inadequacy is a rich blessing, training you to rely wholeheartedly on Me.  
The truth is that self-sufficiency is a myth perpetuated by pride and temporary success.  Health and wealth can disappear instantly, as can life itself.  Rejoice in your insufficiency, knowing that My Power is made perfect in weakness.
James 1:2;2 Corinthians 12:9 

God absolutely met me right where I was at, and showed me His power and love in my weakness as I depended on Him.  What seemed like a daunting list of things to do today has quickly vanished without a struggle.  I know this may seem like no big deal- I do encounter trails more sizable than waking up tired for heavens sake!, but it was the difference between a smooth/blessed day or a battle, and He gave me more than another 30 minutes of rest ever could! 
May we remember to call upon His name and depend upon Him moment by moment!  I love you, Jesus!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Your dependancy on Christ encourages me to cling to Him even more - for every need. Love you!

    Wish we had time to sit and talk about so many things... as I fly home tomorrow I look forward to my next visit to Oregon and hope we can meet up then.